Lightning protection


Operating voltageFrom 30 kV to 40 kV
Protection typeAgainst direct & indirect lightning
Installation3 products per pole
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d35z is intended to ensure protection of:

• Recloser and Load Break Switches

• Medium- and Low-Voltage Transformer

• Underground Cables

• Conductor and Insulator against direct and indirect lightning strikes, installed on Section- and Termination Poles.

The SAd35z installed in association with Metal-Oxide-Arrester provides the best possible protection for high and medium voltage substations.

1. Upper “ring” with EQ system integrated with a PPS load-bearing frame

2. Upper electrode

3. Air gap

4. Lower “ring” with EQ system integrated with a PPS load-bearing frame

5. Lower electrode with indicator

6. Attachment point

Operational Principle

The Operational Principle is based on the EasyQuench Technology.

The SAd35z is composed of two discharge components and special attachment points for their mounting on overhead line fittings.

The variable length of electrodes makes the SAd35z adaptable to any type of insulator.

Technical characteristics

Medium sad35z 2

Performance specifications

Maximum system operating voltage (MSOV), kV 40.5
Maximum prospective follow current, kA 3.5
External air gap, mm 160 – 250
50% flashover voltage*, kV 250 - 350
Minimum withstand power frequency voltage*, kV
Dry 95
Wet 80
Lightning discharge capability (200 μs)**, C 2.4
High current impulse (4/10 μs), kA 65
UV resistance***, h 1000
Weight, kg 3.5

Test Certificates

Type of Test
Standard Lightning Impulse Sparkover Test STREAMER
Follow Current interrupting test STREAMER
Vibration Test STREAMER
Functioning Test STREAMER