Lightning protection


Maximum operating voltage24 kV
Protection typeAgainst indirect lightning
Installation1 product per pole
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Preview saic20z.4w

SAiC20z.4W is intended for protection of overhead lines with the highest voltage for equipment up to 24 kV and high short-circuit currents against induced overvoltages and their deleterious consequences.

The main field of applications implies protection of conductors and insulators along distribution overhead power lines with and without shielding wire.


Technical characteristics

Performance specifications

Maximum system operating voltage (MSOV), kV 24
Maximum prospective follow current, kA 5
Breaking follow current*, kA 3.5
External air gap, mm 70±10
50% flashover voltage**, kV 160
Minimum withstand power frequency voltage**, kV
Dry 50
Wet 40
Lightning discharge capability (200 μs)***, C 2.4
High current impulse (4/10 μs), kA 65
UV resistance****, h 1000
Weight, kg 2.6

* Maximum follow current that LLPD is capable of breaking (quenching) in case of shielding wire presence or 4W system with solidly grounded neutral at MSOV

** External air gap specified in the present table

*** According to IEC 60099-8

**** According to ISO 4892-2, method A, IEC 62217

Test Certificates

Type of Test Laboratory
Standard lightning impulse sparkover test
Follow current interrupting test
Vibration test STREAMER