At the beginning of December Streamer experts Alexander Nefedov and Igor Zavyalov supervised the installation of more than 60 pieces of SAd21z on 16 kV line belonging to the utility called BKW, servicing the canton of Bern. The overhead line has a number of specific features: it comprises wooden and metal poles, and quite an extensive section of it passes along the agricultural fields, far from trees and other items that could shield poles from direct lightning strikes. Within a year, Streamer R&D designers developed the way in which SAd21z could be fixed on the customer’s poles by using an additional cross-arm and light composite insulators provided by LAPP (Germany), one of the oldest European partners of the Company. Now almost all the metal poles and the poles on the open section of the line are protected by Streamer’s LLPDs.

    Despite of the fact that Switzerland is not a country of high lightning activity, local power engineers try to ensure faultless operation of distribution power lines on the highest level. The LLPDs were installed in extremely short terms to make sure that time of power interruption was not more than 2-3 hours. In the course of SAd21z installation employees of BKW noted, how simple it was to assemble and mount the devices on the line.

    Swiss power supply systems share positive experience in the use of innovations. In case of successful application of the technology, other companies will also be ready to implement it. That gives Streamer a chance to expect some new projects in this country in the coming months.

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