Staff members of Streamer took part in the half-marathon. The sporting event was a so to say rehearsal before the White Nights Marathon which is to be held on June 30th. Rookie runners got a great motivation to develop their skills further while experienced runners once again tested their expertise.

    Maria Zakharova, HR Specialist in Streamer, shared her impressions of the running event. It is for the first time that she takes part in such race.

    'For many of us everything was new. The race was great and interesting and had tons of positive emotions! While on the route, we enjoyed beautiful views of St. Petersburg, we admired the massive stream of running people that resembled a full-flowing river. The whole way, runners were supported by volunteers and passersbys. They cheered us up and motivated us to move on. This was the first step that empowered us to feel we would cope with the White Nights Marathon,' says Maria.

    Together with Maria the Streamer team included Ekaterina Vasina, Head of the Marketing Department, Tatyana Bezgodova, Marketing Specialist, Roman Ashikhmin, IT Director, Alina Petrova and Julia Patrikeeva, Economists, Julia Kudryavtseva, Accountant for Primary Documentation, Maria Alexandrova, Lead Specialist in the Field of Alternative Design, Natalia Vartanian, Service Manager. Most of them ran a distance of 5 km, though Roman Ashikhmin ran a half marathon of 21 km. His plans are to run the full marathon distance at the White Nights Marathon.

    In preparation for the main running marathon in St. Petersburg, Streamer employees have been training twice a week with Anna Pisareva, and it was her who suggested them testing their strength in the Half-Marathon sprint. On weekdays, they run from the Streamer office on Nevsky Prospect to the Tauride Garden, where they continue their workout. Anna shows the individual development zones to each of the runners, she advises on what needs to be hacked up, teaches how to count one`s strength during the race and gives other useful tips. On Sundays, workouts are held in the Kirov Central Park of Culture and Recreation on Krestovsky Island.

    'I ran 5 km in 39 minutes. The experience of participating in the sprint made it possible to understand that it is realistic to cover such a distance. It motivates to train further, to develop the speed of running and to take new distances. I am really looking forward to participating in the White Nights Marathon,' concludes Maria Zakharova.

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