To implement a pilot operation of the innovative Transec equipment designed for continuous drying and monitoring of oil-filled transformer insulations, One of the three main step-up transformers of the Chihuahua III gas power plant was selected. The transformer capacity is 150 MVA, the oil volume is 54 cubic meters.

    A Transec system installation took place in severe conditions. The base of the transformer was surrounded by gravel, unstable soil, not suitable to be a foundation for anything. The Streamer experts had therefore developed a unique mounting system on-site for Transec equipment that involved the transformer construction features. They also calibrated the power supply system for correct operation. Installation was successful, the equipment operates without faults.

    The Transec testing operation will continue for six months, during this period Chihuahua III staff will monitor the technical condition of the system and measure monthly the most critical readings of the uninterrupted operation of the transformers oil temperature and insulation humidity levels. If the pilot project is a success, the Transec system will be installed in two remaining step-up transformers of the power plant. In the future, the Streamer's cooperation with InterGen in supplies of the Transec power transformers drying systems could be expanded to the
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