The team of runners from Streamer covered two distances - 42 km and 10 km. 12 of our participants finished the 10 km race, however, some athletes ran the marathon race of 42 km - Roman Ashikhmin, the IT Director, and Sergey Kalachin, the Managing Director for Transec Company from the representative office of Streamer in Switzerland. It was the first time for Sergey to participate in the "White Nights", and Roman ran the marathon distance for the first time. Both remained satisfied with their results. Other employees of Streamer have also been training vigorously. Among them, Director for Innovations and Technical Development Vladimir Zhitenev, Marketing Department Head Ekaterina Vasina, HR Director Anna Laptinskaya, Legal Adviser Elena Rakhmatullina, R&D Project Manager Igor Zavyalov, International Field Specialist Bayaskhalan Tsybikov, Economists Alina Petrova and Yulia Patrikeeva, Lead Specialist for Network Monitoring Ekaterina Hudzhamkulova, Marketing Specialist Tatiana Bezgodova, HR Specialist Maria Zakharova, and Service Manager Natalia Vartanyan. By the way, Natalia was not alone to come to the "White Nights" - her husband and son were cheering up for her. They raised the spirits of all our employees and carried a large flag of Streamer.

    The marathon has come to an end, but the run is underway.

    The runners started and finished in Palace Square at 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. depending on the chosen distance. Maria Zakharova shared her impressions of participation in the "White Nights".

    "This is always so exciting when scores of people run next to you. They are all different with various ages and have diverse physical fitness. Such an atmosphere is an excellent motivator. Besides, I enjoyed the support of familiar and unknown fans. Someone came to cheer up for us on purpose, for example, the family of Natalia Vartanyan, and moreover, we gained support from common spectators of the marathon. In such circumstances, new resources were discovered, freshness and good spirits were added", - says Maria Zakharova.

    The running coach of the Streamer employee group also came to encourage them. At the finish, everyone had fascinating emotions and won well-deserved medals.

    The co-workers of Streamer have been participating in the "White Nights" running marathon for several years straight. The average running time for the 10 km race participants was one hour. Vladimir Zhitenev finished first in our team.

    Absolutely all participants still wish to continue with the running activity. Some of them have already marked out new semi-marathons, races, and marathons for the future.

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