Eight years ago Streamer undertaken a hard, resource-consuming and responsible challenge – to become an organizer of the Russian conference on lightning protection. Each time being more confident as the hosts of the event, the company attracts the most outstanding scientists of the world and Russia finding arguments that despite other international forums and other significant circumstances the color of the physics of lightning and lightning protection should take the priority of taking part in the Russian conference. The Organizing Committee was supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Rosseti PJSC and St. Petersburg Tech University.

    On opening the Conference, Ivan Zhitenev, Streamer CEO emphasized: "We are doing the right thing, because we see today the audience full of people who made it a priority to spend a few days of their lives, be here today to share ideas and learn from colleagues." He wished the participants successful presentations, hot and interesting discussions, and, of course, positive emotions, as many representatives of the international scientific community have been in touch for many years demonstrating both professional and friendly relations.

    In his welcoming speech Dmitry Gvozdev, "Rosseti" JSC Chief Engineer, said, "Inside the conference we will study new trends regarding the nature of lightning and, most importantly, the practical measures that can be taken to prevent its consequences. Lightning protection is one of the key fields of science studying different views on a unique and inevitable natural phenomenon. The dedicated conference enhances the competition between speakers and schools since conflicts give rise to progress and moving forward".

    All presentations were allocated between seven sections: "General issues of lightning protection" (headed by V.A. "Lightning strokes parameters, their registration and application in practical lightning protection. Regulation and testing of lightning protection" (headed by А.S. Gayvoronskiy), "Devices and methods of lightning activity and lightning parameters investigation" (headed by V.A. Rakov), The physics of lightning and Lightning activity characteristics. Lightning orientation patterns and inland facilities vulnerability. Active control action to the lightning" (headed by E.M. Bazelyan), Lightning protection of power facilities and its application experience (headed by М.I. Chichinsky), "Secondary manifestation of СG and IC lightning strokes and means of protection. Electromagnetic environment under lightning activity and EMC assurance for equipment" (headed by N.B. Kutuzova), "Means of lightning protection: lightning rods, protection tools, grounding devices, insulation" (headed by G.V. Podporkin).

    Five presentations were made by Streamer Research Department assistants, E. Enkin, A. Chusov, D. Belko, and Asia Codino. It is the result of a deliberate policy of the company aimed at supporting young scholars and providing them with the broadest opportunities for research. It should be emphasized that all presentations were allowed to participate on a common basis without any preferences after being carefully viewed by Research Committee supervised by RAS Academician V. P. Smirnov.

    The need for such conferences was voiced by both researchers and experts as well as grid companies representatives. In particular, Vasily Vychegzhanin, General Manager of "MOESK" PJSC Transmission Lines and Substations Operation Department, said, "To study lightning protection theory is a chance to improve your skills. Here you can get the most relevant information from experts involved in improving lightning performance of power grids facilities. A good understanding of physical nature of the process will help power companies to make more appropriate solutions associated with infrastructure equipment". These words were supported by Head of Technical Re-equipment and Reconstruction, Maintenance and Repair Department of "IDGC of Ural" JSC, Igor Dmitriev. He took part in the Conference to know more about results of applying various devices, in particular, to study Streamer's innovations based on multi-chamber system and obtain data on their operation in areas with increased lightning activity include the Ural mountain range.

    Many conference participants noted the perfect organization level. This is not surprising as almost each Streamer staff member contributed to the conference preparation. The growing interest on the part of professional society, the variety and high quality of presentations, interest of researchers and experts – all this shows that the VII Russian Conference on lightning protection will take place!

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