Visitors showed an increased interest in Transec system for continuous monitoring and purification of transformer oil from mechanical impurities, as well as its dehydration and degassing. This solution was expectedly in demand in the area characterized by high temperature and humidity. More than two hundred people visited the booth in three days asking questions about the system, operational principle and performance. The further interaction with the energy experts from South Africa will continue in June as a part of the lightning protection and grounding conference, where Streamer will talk about overhead lines protection against induced overvoltages using Streamer LLPDs.

    The Company already has a history of its presence on the African continent. A few years ago, a few Streamer products were tested in the ESKOM open test site KIPTS (Koeberg Insulator Pollution Test Station), where unique conditions are naturally created to affect the devices. Fog, salt, wind, moisture, high temperature and other manifestations of the natural disasters enable checking the resistance of the products to a number of weather factors and external environment within the short period. That is why certificates, issued by ESKOM are recognized by energy specialists all over the world. It should be noted that Streamer equipment received the documents confirming successful passing of these tests.

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