At the booth equipped with large appearance structures, there were presented products interesting for specialists from Southeast Asia. In particular, these were fault indicators, SAi20z and SAd35z LLPDs actual for power grids in this region and state-of-the-art device SAi20z "Butterfly Wings", as well as TRANSEC system of transformer oil continuous purification from mechanical admixtures, dehydratation and degassing.

    Tatyana Bezgodova and Alexander Nefyodov, who worked at the booth, noted that the Streamer exhibition site was one of the most popular. Despite the fact that there were not so many visitors who had already been aware of the Company and its products presented, interest to the Russian innovations was shown by a great many of specialists.

    It is obvious that this event is one of the crucial ones for power engineers not only from Thailand but from many other countries of Southeast Asia. That is why next year the Streamer booth will be significantly expanded in order to demonstrate the whole range of products promotion of which is expedient in this region.

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