At the exhibition, that was held parallel to the conference, Streamer showed some of its products. We presented at our booth screen type Line Lightning Protection Device SAd35z and SAi10z ‘Red Dragon’, well known to Chinese power engineers device, that Streamer used to supply to its south-eastern neighbor since 2012. Chinese overhead power transmission lines are similar to Russian in voltage class and design (10 kV overhead lines), and SAi10z is the most in demand, because the significant majority of cut-offs (about 80 percent) is the result of induced overvoltage rather than direct lightning strikes.

    Chinese specialist showed the high interest in Transec transformer oil continuous monitoring, cleaning, dehydration and degassing system. During the exhibition Streamer succeeded in holding productive meetings with Chinese companies, that, quite possibly, will become the significant stage in establishing strong partnership links.

    Next time Streamer will present its innovative products in China in November at the largest trade show EP China 2016 (The International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology).

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