The expo visitors were shown both the lightning protection products - SAi10z Red Dragon, well-proven by years in China, and SAd35z.CN which are relatively new to this market, since their installation in Chinese power lines began in spring 2017. Besides, the visitors could see SAd10z.CN Line Lightning Protection Device intended to protect the lines against direct lightning strikes, and TRANSEC Online System to monitor and clean transformer oil from mechanic impurities, dehydration and degassing.

    This year, the exhibition booth had to be more spacious, since last time it failed to fit all those willing to see the LLPDs presented. Again, like the year before, the Streamer booth was a big buzz among the expo visitors. According to Ekaterina Hudzhamkulova the International Department Officer, the expo participants expressed keen interest in information of new device modifications, their installation, operation, and reliability. The Streamer staff were able also to meet both potential Chinese customers and existing partners with whom collaboration would be strengthened in the future.

    The International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology in Shanghai – EP Shanghai, is considered to be one of the largest and the most reputable electric power show in China. This year it was moved to Shanghai New International Expo Centre, and the its scale substantially increased: about 900 companies from Russia, Europe, South-East and East Asia, took part in the exhibition.

    According to Ekaterina Hudzhamkulova, such exhibitions give Streamer a chance to encourage potential partners. "As we participate in such large-scale events, we can show how our Company is growing, developing, and gaining greater authority in the Chinese market. This is particularly important in terms of attracting the attention of the national energy corporations. We wish to demonstrate them Streamer is an innovative and successful company which can be trusted".

    The Chinese market for Streamer is one of the most promising areas for international development. In fact, the demand for the company's products in that country is progressing well: the first 64 LLPDs were installed in the testing power line of Guangdong province of China in August 2013, and in 2017, the 10 kV Chinese lines are protected by 10,000 LLPDs. As before, the most demanded by Chinese companies are lightning protection devices designed specially for that area – SAi10z, the so-called "Red Dragon". Yet, an active start was demonstrated by SAd35z.CN specially modified for China.

    Nowadays, Streamer subsidiary, Beijing Electric Equipment Ltd., Co. founded in 2016, is located in Beijing.

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