"It's a big step for us and our Chinese partners for this is the second time in their history, when an agreement is executed with a commercial company. They are ready to make such decisions only when a company has great research potential. They saw it in us", Streamer CEO Ivan Zhitenev said.

    The document outlines the scope of joint research and technical activities including joint design and creation of devices for the energy market of China and, for the most part SGCC which maintains the power system of the country. All manufactured equipment therefore will receive a high degree of protection against counterfeiting. Currently, the company is negotiating the development of a new type color-based malfunction indicator that changes its color as a result of increased ambient temperature, and a multi-chamber system LLPD for 110 kV transmision lines.

    Earlier this year Streamer entered into an agreement with the Chinese company Shuiyuan to launch a joint venture. The parties at the moment are discussing roles and areas of responsibility allocation within the entity. The joint venture will be a production and sales platform for Streamer products in China. The manufacture of the first LLPDs based on multi-chamber systems supplied from Russia and Indonesia, is to start in the fourth quarter.

    The joint venture with Shuiyuan company will be a new promising player in the Chinese market able to attract the largest energy corporations in the country to cooperation through its potential.

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