The Suvorov Award was established in 2010 by the Swiss-Russian Forum and Innovations Support Fund to support socially significant innovative start-ups. All initiatives submitted to the contest are strictly assessed by the expert jury in several criterias. The most critical of which are novelty, competitiveness, financial return, significance to society, readiness to enter the market, and the possibility of a Russian-Swiss bilateral scientific and technological exchange in the process of its implementation.

    In 2018, 35 projects were submitted to the contest, of which only three reached the final, including Streamer project - Single End Fault Locator. Streamer CEO Ivan Zhitenev introduced a unique easily integrated automated digital system for power lines fault location operating on the basis of T-symmetric functions. The SEFL system is intended to use in power networks of different geometry and topology, in cable and overhead power lines. Using this invention helps to cut material and time costs to locating the faulty area and repair in the shortest period during interrupted power supply. One more important SEFL function is that system introduction reduces accident risks in distribution network and supplied facilities.

    The first prize of the Suvorov Award 2018 was given by jury to Hardware and Software Complex project on improving the quality of hearing prosthetic devices, the second place was given to school interactive chemistry manual representing a virtual molecular constructor.

    The award ceremony was attended by reputable representatives of scientific and business circles of Russia and Switzerland, as well as state and public figures of both countries. Awards to the contest winners were presented by the JSC Rotek Chairman of the Board of Directors Mikhail Lifshitz, member of the Supervisory Board of Association the Innovative Regions of Russia, Innovations Support Fund CEO Adviser, famous scientist Ivan Bortnik, the founder of the Swiss business network for supporting startups and investors InnMind, Nelli Orlova.

    We are proud to have become the part of this project, and we are particularly happy that our research does not only unite Russia and Switzerland but also provides results that are recognized and important for the society development.

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