Streamer's joint venture with WuSheng the Chinese company registered on December 29, 2018. Vladimir Zhitenev, the Director for Innovations and Technical Development, unveiled details of the agreements' essence:

    "Under this document, our partner is entitled to manufacture and sell proprietary line lightning protection devices using technical solutions patented by Streamer. In return, they will transfer royalty to us for each sold unit of equipment. We are talking about the EasyQuench system developed by us for line lightning protection devices. It turned out to be more advantageous for the Chinese company than inventing something new and innovative from scratch and bypassing our patents", - he said.

    Development of the line lightning protection devices for the voltage classes 6-35 kV and over furnished with the EasyQuench (EQ) system became a result of the intensive works of JSC NPO Streamer on upgrade of the lightning protection systems.

    Vladimir Zhitenev noted that the companies manufacturing products with the use of other company's patented technology while paying no allowances for that were actually producing counterfeit goods. They usually save on quality substantially and supply customers with products non-compliant to safety precautions.

    Joint Venture WuSheng will assemble line lightning protection equipment previously developed in the scientific centers of Streamer and Wuhan Shuiyuan. Development of innovative products is planned in the future intended mainly for the Chinese power system and greatly differing from the products already marketed. A key aspect of the Streamer and Chinese company cooperation is a rigorous observance of the intellectual property legislation by the venture.

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