We have installed our products in Yulin town in the Shanxi province, north-westward of China. There is a moderate risk of lightning activity in this region; the overhead lines for the railway system require a close attention. The risks of unstable operation and power outage at such an important facility should be minimized.

    Guotao Yang, the Product Manager for the Chinese office, shared the details of the installation in the Chinese province. Installation of each line lightning protection device took 40 minutes maximum.

    "After a demonstration of the line lightning protection devices assembly, installation was carried out quite quickly. For each device, assembly on ground took 15 minutes, while pole operations took about half an hour. The erection crew consisted of 20 workers", - he noted.

    Streamer is going to install a total of more than two hundred line lightning protection devices on overhead lines along the Chinese railroad. To this end, a detailed performance analysis of the first line lightning protection devices will be carried out and based of the results, a decision on further fruitful cooperation between Streamer and the large Chinese railroad company will be made.

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