The meeting took place within two days. One of them was devoted to Streamer Line Lightning Protection Devices (LLPDs), the second one – to the fault indicators and Transec system for continuous monitoring and cleaning of transformer oil from mechanical impurities, dehydration and degassing.

    Quite promptly the conference took the format of a lively dialogue. Distributor’s representatives asked many questions that had been forwarded to them by the existing and potential customers. In their turn, Streamer experts showed how the company product range looks nowadays and how it will be developed. Talking about the use of LLPDs in real projects, Streamer shared the examples of the pilot installations of the innovative lightning protection solutions in the power systems of Switzerland, Malaysia and Germany. All projects started quite recently – last year – but a lot of interesting data verifying the efficiency of LLPDs had been collected after the devises installation in Malaysia.

    An updated General catalogue, containing tables with the specifications of every device and a list of accessories to either of them, has been presented to the attendants of the conference. One may quickly and conveniently select a proper customized lightning protection device with the help of the clear and simple algorithm. Video clips and detailed installation instructions are among useful tools for the distributors.

    The most important idea that organizers of the conference managed to bring to the attendants is that Streamer partners may get any required consultation, assistance and support at any time, thus feel a part of the big international team.

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