The race was closely followed by Russian biathlon legends, Vladimir Drachev, Anatoly Alyabyev, Ivan Tcherezov, Anna Bogaliy, Dmitry Vasilyev, Yuriy Kashkarov and Dmitry Malyshko. A distinctive feature of the contest is that eminent masters are in action communicating with young sportsmen, answering their questions and telling them about life in elite sports. On the final day of the contest the champions also took part in the race to demonstrate the highest level of sports skills in duel shooting. The tough battle was won by Dmitry Malyshko while Ivan Tcherezov came second, and the bronze medal went to Anna Bogaliy.

    The sport part of the main tournament was organized according to standard. The young biathletes competed in three disciplines – roller-ski biathlon, cross-country with shooting, and mixed relay. Good results in all disciplines were shown by the youngsters of Malahit School of Sports Mastery from Sosnovy Bor, pupils from Petrozavodsk SKA school and Izhevsk School of Olympic Reserve also distinguished themselves.

    Judges, spectators, contestants and organizers were greatly impressed by the eighteen-year-old Master of Sports Anastasiya Batmanova from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk who won the roller race in her age group and was the third in a cross-sprint. "She demonstrated great shooting despite hard weather (the whole three days of the contest the sportsmen were "assisted" by wind and rain.). The ability to control anxiaty and excitement is a sign of real sportsmanship," Vladimir Zhitenev, the inspirer and the permanent organizer of the summer biathlon tournament, Streamer Director for Innovations and Technical Development, ex-Candidate Master of Sports in Biathlon, said.

    This year, the number of spectators increased significantly. While in previous occasions the young athletes were supported just by their parents. This time the race was watched attentively by about 200 people, many of whom were biathlon fans of Sosnovy Bor and St. Petersburg.

    For Streamer, the Dmitry Malyshko prize contest is especially important. For 20 years Streamer helps the Sosnovy Bor biathlon school and support its coach who maintaines the school. The Olympic champion Dmitry Malyshko also began his sporting career in Sosnovy Bor and participated as a teenager in autumn tournaments of the summer biathlon held by Streamer.

    Vladimir Zhitenev each year takes part in the contest. This year he ran a three-kilometer cross-sprint and was the sixth in over 46 ranking. On the course he was accompanied by Streamer production Director Denis Ershov who took the 11th place.

    Vladimir Zhitenev's love for biathlon has affected lots of Streamer staff members. Many of them help him as volunteers in the long multi-stage organization and conducts of the tournament. "If asked to describe in two words the summer biathlon contest for Dmitry Malyshko prize, I would say: sincerity and selflessness. Dmitry himself makes a good impression of a modest, quiet, hard-working, and erudite person. In my opinion, he deservedly is the idol of the young bi-athletes. His figure in this contest is vital. I hope Dmitry is aware of this and will never betray the trust of his fans", Eugeny Enkin, Streamer senior researcher who this year for the second time participated as the contest volunteer, said.

    "I love sports, the inside of contest organization has always been of interest to me. That's why I was happy to take part in organizing such a large sporting event as a volunteer. In the course of all this I saw biathlon as a sport and realized how it is technically difficult and psychologically challenging. It's very interesting to see how sportsmen are get ready for the start, overcome the excitement and fear, and gain results," another contest volunteer, Streamer HR Director Anna Laptinskaya says.

    This year for the first time a mini-tournament for volunteers was organized inside the professional athletes contest. Six teams took part in pairs shooting relay where a team of two sportsmen was, by passing the baton to each other after each shooting, to hit five targets as quick as possible with maximum of eight rounds. "This is definitely a much more easy task than a real race but we could feel the excitement experienced by sportsmen. Our pair won the duel and we received the gold from Dmitry Malyshko's hands. It's great to stand on the podium and I of course will try to do it again next year", Eugeny Enkin shares his plans for the future.

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