IIEE is accompanied by an exhibition, where innovative developments of the widest range – from insulators and cables to substations equipment and various monitoring and metering equipment – are demonstrated to the experts by manufacturers from different countries and their distributors.

    It was the first time when Streamer participated in this event together with the distributor Arizona Integrated Technology Inc. EQ system based Line Lightning Protection Devices (LLPDs) SAi20z, SAiC20z.4W (aka “Butterfly Wings”) and the most innovative development SAdM35z, system of continuous monitoring and cleaning of transformer oil from mechanical impurities, dehydration and degassing Transec, as well as short-circuit indicators made by A3 company, were presented at the exhibition booth. The visitors welcomed products of Russian designers and used their chance to address questions directly to Streamer representatives.

    Apart from participation in the exhibition, specialists of the company had some meetings with the potential customers. They discussed the number of pilot projects that Streamer is going to initiate in 2017.

    Operating on the international market Streamer employees occasionally face the difficulties that occur due to the variety of structural solutions for overhead lines in different countries. Sometimes these specific features significantly increase development lead time for new LLPDs, and in every specific case they have to develop fittings and brackets for the lightning protection devices specifically. Now this problem has been successfully solved, due to the fact that during the trip they managed to collect a sufficient amount of useful information on the standard types of poles and insulators, that are normally used in power utilities of Philippines. Now Streamer may be confident to expand its cooperation with the Philippine partners, promptly delivering innovative products of demand.

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