The bright and visual Streamer booth attracted a lot of attention of the exhibition attendants - the well-designed zoning by the product ranges, the panels with the examples of the projects implemented in different countries, a model of pole with Streamer LLPDs installed, a few screens showing the various clips about the equipment and the activities of the company.

    At Asian Utility Week 2017 all Streamer LLPDs for different voltage classes were presented, e.g. SAi20z, SAdM35z, SAiC20z.4W “Butterfly Wings” and its modification SAdC10z, fault indicators under Lodestar brand (designed by A-TREE Research & Development Company Ltd.) and Transec system of continuous monitoring and purification of transformer oil from mechanical impurities, its dehydration and degassing.

    This year Streamer not only demonstrated its development, but also talked about the results of LLPDs pilot installations. So, the experts from Southeast Asia were impressed by the results of the pilot project in Malaysia, which the company performed last year for TNB, the country’s largest power system. After LLPD SAd35z installation on the line, the number of the lightning shutdowns for the second half of the year was reduced from 14 to one, which is an obvious and reasonable proof of the effectiveness of the devices.

    The participation in one of the key events in the energy industry in Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia allowed Streamer not only to show the entire range of the products to the specialists, but also to communicate in detail with the management of different power systems in the area.

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