Mikhail Zhitenev, Streamers Product Manager, went to Colombia from St. Petersburg. He took part in the installation work.

    In total, 8 people were engaged in works. Each group included 3 installers and one person supervising the process.

    The LLPDs installation required trudging through the impenetrable jungle and climbing steep slopes. Difficulties were complemented by the freak Columbian weather – heavy rains alternating with the scorching sun.

    The installation of LLPDs was made by two groups. Working as one group was impossible since the power line was stretched along the river and poles stood on tops of hills. So we had to climb up every hill, and that was too hard. The first hill we had was some 70 meters high, the next one was somewhat 100 meters”, Mikhail Zhitenev shares the details.

    According to safety regulations, rainy weather prohibits performing installation work on power lines, so the schedule had to be adjusted one time because of the rain. But in general, installation work in Colombia was free of any serious problems.

    The Mineros gold miner has other mining sites within the region, so if pilot activities are a success, Streamer's lightning protection will be extended to them.

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