Colleagues from the Russian and international offices of Streamer have united in order to put forward their ideas developing a joint project and bringing new momentum to work. Internship is a unique chance to see the world, meet new people from different countries and get fresh experience working with an international team.

    How to become an intern:

    • Submit an application-essay which should contain a specific professional goal, a task, which requires the resources of the company's foreign representative offices.
    • The best applications selected by the commission will make it into the final.
    • In the final one needs to set ground to their goal and prove its benefits for business development.

    'A total of 12 applications were filed from employees of different departments. At the initial stage, all organizational issues were resolved regarding the duration of the trip, the level of English language skills of candidates, the relevance and significance of the project. Then, together with Ivan Zhitenev, Alexander Kornukh and Jonathan Zanbreher, we reviewed all the application forms we had received . The main criteria for the selection was, the relevance of the mission for business and the relevance of the internship results for the Russian market,' says Anna Laptinskaya, HR Director and manager of the internship program.

    After a careful selection two finalists were defined, those were Vitaly Melnikov, Regional Manager, and Dmitry Belko, Research Officer. Dmitry Belko has already completed an internship at the Streamer office in Chur, a small town an hour from Zurich.

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    His internship was designed for five month. The main goal was to lend support in the frameworks of the project aimed at the design of a device which determines the location of line faults (or in other words SEFL - Single End Fault Locator).

    'In fact, the main feature of the device is its complex method of signal processing and the algorithm for calculating the location of fault. So most part of the work is the use of LabVIEW software and the optimization of the calculation algorithm in MTP-RV. It just so happened that I had to come to understand these programs. Most of the time I worked with Asia Kodino from Italy, as she was the project manager and, in fact, she alone was developing the device,' Dmitry reports about his experience.

    A genuinely international team gathered in the Swiss office to work on the interesting project, in addition to Dmitry Belko there were representatives from Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy.

    'My experience of the trip was very positive! I improved my English, came to understand some useful programs and visited the Swiss sub-station. But most importantly, I helped a lot with the project, as my colleague Asia put it. We had a dinner party at Asia`s place in Zurich, we made traditional Swiss fondue and had a really good time. But it was Celine the Office Manager, who helped me the most to so to say immerse into the Swiss life. We went jogging, went hiking to the nearest hill and together with Celine`s friends went sunbathing at lake Cauma, which is popular with the locals,' concludes Dmitry.

    Vitaly Melnikov is going for an internship to China after he has improved his level of English.

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