Elite Mining is one of the distributors of Streamer line lightning protection devices in the mining sector in South Africa. In this industry we also work with NUGEN technologies (Pty) LTD, and further we are planning to start working with another distributing company, Surgetek.

    The mobile exhibitions which Elite Mining takes part in are organized by MTE (Mining Technical Exhibition). They take place directly in the mine during the day and sometimes take only half a day. The goal is to present some solutions specifically for mining.

    Streamer's line lightning protection devices are of interest for the mining business, the representatives of which suffer great losses in the event of power cuts due to lightning strikes. On average, each power cut stops mining for 4-6 hours, this time is needed to check the possible malfunctions and restart all mechanisms. During this time the underground workers must be evacuated. Therefore, each case of power cut that can be prevented by means of our line lightning protection devices provides tremendous savings and increased safety to the workflow,' explained Jean-Baptiste Frain, Product Promotion Director.

    Speaking about arrangement, mobile exhibitions are quite economical, in fact, they only need roll-ups and product catalogs. At the same time, they are effective because they are carried out in direct proximity to the final consumers of Streamer products.

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