At the booth, the Company demonstrated not only the range of Line Lightning Protection Devices (LLPDs) for overhead lines that are already well known in Russia, but also the most innovative developments based on the multi-chamber system.

    It was the first time when the most innovative LLPD SAd10z, protecting from direct lightning strikes, was demonstrated to the experts. It completely surpasses devices of the first generation in terms of overall dimensions, specifications and convenience of operation. In 2017, we will start SAd10z mass production and several installations have already been scheduled. Some power utilities’ representatives got interested in the complex solution, which combines installation of SAi20z device, protecting the line against induced lightning overvoltages, on the entire length of an overhead line, and installation of SAi10z device to ensure protection of substations approaches, cable inserts and sections of overhead lines passing through open areas without buildings, structures or forested areas nearby, from direct lightning strikes.

    In general, the exhibition was participated by more than 300 manufacturers of equipment, structures and materials, scientific, design and operating companies from CIS, Europe, South America and South-Eastern Asia. The number of visitors for three days was around of 25 000 people.

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