CIGRE is considered to be one of main events in this industry and gathers a large number of participants: more than 8 500 specialists from 89 countries visited the event this year. A special focus should be made on the exhibition of engineering achievements held within framework of the forum, which is attended by the main players of electrical energy market, e.g. SICAME, Siemens etc. 249 companies from 28 countries presented their solutions on the area of more than 10 000 sq.m. – the record value for the entire history of this event.

    Streamer demonstrated all the three key groups of products at the booth: Line Lightning Protection Devices based on multi-chamber system (SAi20z, SAd35z and the latest development SAd20z), Bowden Brothers and A3 short-circuit indicators, Transec system for continuous monitoring and purification of dielectric oil from mechanical admixtures, dehydration, and degasification. Taking into account that the exhibition is held within framework of Council for high-voltage electrical systems, Transec was the one to raise the biggest interest of the visitors.

    A great number of representatives of Russian and world power engineering elite were present at the event, that they managed to arrange some meetings essential for further development of the Company. Such meetings refer to negotiations with Ian Bowden, Head of Bowden Brothers short circuit indicators and Transec system thereof are included into Streamer distributor’s portfolio. Ian spent a lot of time at the booth; he actively talked to the visitors and enthusiastically answered any questions of those who got interested in innovative solutions. Collaboration at the exhibition enhanced interrelations between English and Russian companies.

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