Streamer representative Armando Portalanza made a presentation describing the advantages of the new generation equipment for drying power transformers: TRANSEC. The characteristic feature of the novelty is the simplicity and economy: The TRANSEC equipment allows to dry a transformer in a continuous mode during its normal operation.

    The presentation of Streamer Electric AG created a big significant interest of in the audience. Seminar guests asked clarifying questions to the speakers concerning the easiness of installation; time for saturation of the filters; effectiveness of the process for humidity reduction and price.

    During the seminar, Streamer held a number of preliminary meetings and discussions on the possibilities for further cooperation with representatives of Petronor and Puertollano refineries, as well as with colleagues from the Spanish energy company Iberdrola S.A.

    To date, Krilinex has already offered 3 TRANSEC units to their customers after this seminar.
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