Streamer technologies are already known in the Asia-Pacific region: innovative multi-chamber LLPDs have proven themselves in pilot and field operationsof high-voltage power lines in Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and China. At the EP China 2018 Streamer introduced new products - devices for protecting power lines from atmospheric overvoltages designed considering specifics and demands of the Chinese power system, and TRANSEC on-line transformers drying systems.

    Within three days of the show,the company established more than 100 new contacts of different viability and increased significantly the customer roster.

    "Chinese shows traditionally have a large number of visitors, including many of those seeking for commercial interests. Events of such a level are very popular among Chinese students — they learn modern technologies, advanced innovations and are among the first to receive information about new products. Such visits are of special interest for the companies participating in the exhibition, for students of today are future employees of power companies, and they will decide on the introduction of certain innovations and the cooperation with this or that partner," Streamer Product Manager Mikhail Zhitenev, said.

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