LLPD market capacity is quite high in China and, regarding the lines' length, may exceed the demand of all South-Eastern Asian countries altogether, therefore Streamer has developed the modification on polymer basis. This technology is more sophisticated, so this innovative solution is better protected against potential counterfeit.

    120 pieces of SAd35z will be installed on a 24 km line, located in the west of Anhui province. The line passes through the high hills covered with the tea plantations and the valley between them. This overhead line belongs to State Grid Corporation of China, which is not only the biggest electric utility company on the domestic market and in the world but also is the second largest company from The Fortune 2016 Global 500. The second part of shipment comprising 300 pieces will be delivered to the same customer in May. They will be used to complete equipping of the line within the framework of the current pilot project and to start another one.

    Streamer expert supervises the installation at site, making sure that the devices have been assembled correctly, the air gap between the LLPD's upper ring and the cross-arm have been maintained, etc. Strict control gives the customer confidence that they will not have any issues in the course of LLPDs operation during the entire lifespan that makes 20 years.

    Taking into account that the distribution lines in China have been created in cooperation with Soviet power engineers, they have a lot of common features with Russian overhead lines. It enabled Streamer to adapt the product for Asian customers with minimum modifications. SAd35z is designed to customize the device features with the specific features of the lines. All the data obtained in the course of installation are processed by the company’s R&D designers and are reflected in the books of typical solutions that enable LLPDs delivering to the customers with the required type of bracket or fitting.

    Streamer is planning to install more SAd35z in China within 2017.

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