Streamer delegation was presented by George Podporkin, Alexander Nefedov, Alexander Chusov, and Dmitry Belko. The report of Alexander Chusov Development of a physical 2-D model for arc quenching chamber of lightning protection multichamber systems was included in the main program of the section called “Lightning protection of power systems”. Alexander told about the study of natural phenomena which take place in the discharge chamber; he also generalized results of investigations of a scientific unit of the Streamer company, as well as about investigations of physicists of the Rappersville University in Switzerland and the Institute of electrophysics and electrical energy industry of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    The report of Dmitry Belko called Analysis of current distribution among long-flashover arresters for 10 kV overhead line protection against direct lightning strikes included the big number of calculations: this is a part of the trend in the program of main conferences connected with the fundamental science. The report was included in the so-called poster session. Participants of this part of the conference put up theses of their speech in a specially allotted hall; after this anyone who feels like it could study the content of the report and discuss it with the author after this within ninety minutes.

    It is to be mentioned that Alexander and Dmitry spoke at the conference of such a level for the first time, but nevertheless, their debut should be acknowledged as very successful. And thanks to the fact that the report of Alexander Chusov was presented on the first day he had a possibility to tell about investigations carried out in the company in more details.

    Within the framework of the international conference a small exhibition for manufacturers of innovational solutions in the area of lightning protection and in consecutive areas was organized. At the stand Alexander Nefedov worked who managed to exchange contact information with representatives of some companies that were interested on devices manufactured by the Streamer company. Especially the meeting with representatives of the German company called Phoenix Contact is to be mentioned. The mutual interest and work in areas that are close to each other (the German manufacturer offers solutions for low-voltage networks) can result in the long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation.

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