In the city of Bielsko-Biala, where the event was held, our company was represented by Alexander Kornukh, First Deputy General Director, Igor Shestak, Business Development Director, and Nikolai Barsukov, Product Development Manager.

    At Energo Rodeo Streamer showed line lightning protection devices and equipment for dehumidification of the Transec oil-filled transformers insulation. According to Nikolai Barsukov, the event was attended by both the representatives of power grid companies, who are our target customers, and the representatives of equipment supply companies, as well as scientists involved in specialized topics.

    'Generally speaking it was a great opportunity to make a statement about the brand and the product. And we took full advantage of it! A Polish company that is a major manufacturer of fittings for high voltage power lines showed interest in our product and is ready to discuss the terms of cooperation. One of the advantages is the Energo Rodeo audience. The program provided a lot of time for personal negotiations in an informal setting which is also a significant plus. The visit has paid off, we will definitely come back,' said Nikolai Barsukov.

    Streamer Product Development Manager noted the venue for the Energo Rodeo conference, it is the beautiful city of Bielsko-Biala. The special atmosphere of the city is created by the picturesque mountains in the near vicinity of Bielsko-Biala, as well as by many historic buildings dating back to the 19th century.

    'As for the drawbacks of the conference I would note the relatively long distance from the major transport hubs. A similar event in the capital would bring together many more participants. Still the overall impression is purely positive. Not only should I underline the carefully organized official part of the event and the practical results we gained, but also the high level of service and the general impression of the area. For this reason I must say the trip turned out to be useful in terms of personal experience as well,' concluded Nikolai Barsukov.

    The Energo Rodeo conference is organized annually by ZIAD Bielsko-Biała SA, a department of information technology, automation and professional development. ENERGETAB, the largest international energy fair in Central Europe which forms a part of the professional portfolio of this organizer.

    Streamer participated in one of the poster sessions of Energo Rodeo. The company booth was located in the lobby of the hall where the conference was held and available to all the participants. In the breaks between the reports we presented our products and spoke about them in detail. We have previously used the format of poster sessions during other industry events.

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