The event traditionally organizes a show demonstrating the largest scale of innovations from insulators and cables to substation equipment. Streamer's innovations in lightning protection were demonstrated on this show for the second time. Same as a year ago, the booth attracted a keen interest from visitors, and Streamer staff were able to communicate directly with the company's customers.

    But the most significant result of this visit were the meetings with the potential customers. After the show, the Head of the International Department, Alexander Nefedov together with the local distributor of Arizona Integrated Technology Inc., visited three energy network companies, National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), Dagupan Electric Corporation (Decorp), and Visayan Electric Company (VECO). The visit made it possible not just to tell about company products but to obtain the required information about LLPDs' operation which had been installed, as well, to see typical line supports and insulators in Philippines, and to discuss new projects.

    "The NGCP company specializes in the power distribution and maintains lines of 69 kV and above". For us it was important to chose a line for the pilot project to install our new screen-type LLPDs for overhead lines with corresponding voltage classes, SAd69z developed this year. We were good in doing that. We found an overhead line, very critical for the customer, exposed to frequent shutoffs. We have now agreed that we will analyse the information provided to us and formalise our proposal for equipping the line with 69 kV LLPDs", Alexander Nefedov said.

    Implementing such project in the Philippines will strengthen Streamer's authority in this market and increase the loyalty of local energy enterprises to the Company. Further, the successful use of 69 kV LLPDs will allow the Company to integrate into other markets. Since overhead lines of this voltage class are widespread throughout the world, it presents great opportunities for Streamer.

    We should note that the first project on equipping the overheads lines in the Philippines with the Streamer LLPDs was realized in 2015. For two years, the company products have been protecting the Dagupan Electric Corporation lines from lightning strikes and have shown their effectiveness during that time. A gradual increase in the number of mounted devices continued in 2016 and 2017, and more several pilot projects to equip local overhead lines with LLPDs were launched.

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