This year Asia Power Week traditionally was the joint venue for two major Asian energy exhibitions: Power-Gen Asia and Renewable Energy World Asia, where more than 250 participating companies demonstrated their innovative solutions for energy area.

    At the dedicated event Streamer International AG presented two modified solutions, targeted at monitoring and defending of networks and based on the climatic and landscape features of the Asian region:

    - The system TRANSEC is an effective tool for continuous monitoring and drying, dehydration and degassing of power transformers in real time. This solution ensures a faultless operation and significantly extends the service life of transformers.

    - The unique technology EasyQuench provides an effective protection of overhead lines against direct and indirect lightning strikes without requiring a special grounding, prevents breakage of conductors and insulators and blackouts, caused by lightning, especially in areas with the high resistivity of soil.

    The presented Streamer solutions attracted the strong interest of the participants. Streamer will continue improving its products, developing new advanced technologies to guarantee reliability, quality and efficiency of the operation and maintenance of energy systems and demonstrate the results within Asia Power Week 2018 in Indonesia.

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