We entered the contest for the first time and achieved such a high result right away. It is amazing that our project, which we have implemented by our our selves without any significant budget, not only came into the spotlight within more than a 1000 applied companies but won this prestigious award. We feel as if an Oscar has been awarded and we would like to thank everyone who helped us to implement the idea. A word of gratitude to our colleagues and our scientists who believed that it would work and thanks to the jury who saw potential in our project.

    As a result there are more and more start-ups now, more and more talks about the need to create innovative products and sooner or later we will all face the question whether it is possible to predict new discoveries or whether it is possible to foresee the appearance of inventions. Is there a possibility to "verify algebra by harmony"? We have been looking for the answer for many years and found it. It didn't come from the field of big data, probability theory or the management theory. It was inside the people, What was remaining to do was to hear what they had to say, understand what they really wanted and the most importantly - to find a way to help them to prove themselves. Motivation is a great thing when it is properly built and considers the interests of all participants.
    Our colleagues appreciation is important to us, because it means that we have done something great and necessary for the entire HR community. But we are even more inspired with the approach presented in the project " Career in business for scientists". It will be interesting for companies at different levels.

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