Aims and objectives of the new office

    According to Sergey Kalachin, the Managing Director for Transec Company, the main objective of the English office is to ensure development of the business on transformer humidity monitoring and control.

    We are talking about development of both the international business and the market of Great Britain. At present, the key clients of Transec Electric Ltd in England are several major power companies. Among them, UK Power Networks, EDF, Nothern Powergrid, SP Energy Networks, ENW, Scottish&Southern Energy, and others.

    The office carries out missions on certification of the manufacturing processes in the company in accordance with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and ISO 45001 and the UVDB qualification requirements specified for the suppliers of electrical products in the Great Britain market.

    Transec Electric Ltd ensures the observance of internal standard norms for our key British clients, for example, the EDF Company and others. They have quite high requirements of procedures and authorization systems for work with suppliers, especially in the field of high voltage.

    English collegues

    Along with Sergey Kalachin, three people have been employed in the British office, all UK passport holders.

    They are Production Manager James Shimwell, Business Development Manager Allan Brisbane, and Office Manager Kate Lanceman.

    "James is responsible for processing client orders and coordination of the manufacturing processes, Allan's duties are to attract new clients, to maintain loyalty of the present consumers and to develop the distribution and sales system. Kate took on the tasks of attending to office operations, reporting, database maintaining and filling-in, as well as arrangements with municipal agencies, public authorities and numerous state institutions. I arrange for the business development strategy and interactions with head company Streamer Electric AG, set the goals and direct the common actions of our team. Each employee is an important component of our success, and we are justifiably proud of the expertise and experience of every member of our team. All of them are adequately qualified to fulfill their important obligations", says Sergey Kalachin.

    The employees of the English office interact with the Russian colleagues from Streamer via the CRM-system "Megaplan" where they have common tasks. The everyday communications are performed by email and using messengers or phones. The method depends on urgency, importance, and complexity of the task and on confidentiality level of the information to be transmitted.

    Sergey Kalachin emphasizes that the Russian and English colleagues have one task and the same goals, that is why they communicate directly with each other.

    Presently, the office of Transec Electric Ltd in Haverhill occupies two rooms one of which is used as a meeting room and a conference-hall, and the employees work in the other one. It is important that the room is located in close proximity to the Transec equipment manufacturing area. So that, the employees could easily control all the processes occurring there and monitor the stock reserves. We rent a room from our business partner - General Metal Cambridge Company.

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    The future of Transec

    The operational efficiency of the office will be evaluated by the number of new orders and expansion of the client base, and also by all other numerous key parameters such as growth of margin and profit, reduction of accounts receivable, the level of satisfaction of our consumers, building a confidence in our trademark Transec, and others.

    "It will be possible to judge the operational success of the office by the end of 2019 when all certification works will be completed, when we will take part in the specialized exhibition in England and collect a basket of orders to provide for the monthly production of 8 to 12 units of Transec equipment (100-140 pieces in the next year). Currently, we have pre-orders for 55 units of equipment from British clients and a precise understanding of all certification time frames – which means that we are on the right track", - the Managing Director for Transec believes.

    Over 3 thousand Transec systems for transformer oil and insulation drying are already installed all over the world. About 600 pieces are mounted in Great Britain and more than 2,400 pieces are distributed almost in 30 countries across the world. By the end of 2021, we plan to install about 500 Transec units, and then maintain this level every year. 6 Transec units are already supplied to Russia, and the short-term plans include development of the market up to 50 units of production per year.

    The first Transec was installed in our country this May for the branch of Moscow High-voltage Networks PJSC MOESK in Chertanovo. Shortly thereafter, two Transec modules were shipped for the manufacturing branches of LLC Gazpromenergo. One of the modules is intended for the Saratov electrical generation system, the other one is designed for the Orenburg Rregion.

    "We employ a full range of available means and methods to develop the business and promote the product – such as direct contacts with the major current and potential new clients, development of the distribution network, intensive fact-finding, analysis of the market and the competitive environment, marketing research and preparation of trade-off studies and unique justifications (TCO - total cost of ownership), development of various sale models for different regions, arrangement for field testing, engagement of key opinion leaders, and participation in specialized conferences and exhibitions. We plan using direct-marketing and online calculation of economic benefits from our equipment – overall, we believe that we are on the way to victory over our competitors, we have the taps in our hands including a powerful support team of global Streamer!" We win with our spirits, our team and the power of conviction!", - concludes Sergey Kalachin.

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