The customer was one of the international companies that manufactures supplies of inorganic products and develops the technology of production of chlorine dioxide. This company has business relations in the field of energy, pulp and paper industry, food, agriculture, etc.

    The power of the company's' transformer is 30 mVA. In view of the insulation humidity issues, the transformer is in pre-accident condition, although it has been used for not so long. This is due to the fact that high air humidity is typical for the Chile region. That is why silica-gel filters are not capable of drying the air passing through them completely, and moisture enters the transformer each daily use in case of thedecrease in load and operating temperature during night shifts.

    Mikhail Zhitenev, the Product Manager for Streamer, noted that the average results of the transformer state analysis have shown approximately 3.4% moisture content in its insulation. With reference to the volume, it equals about 52.4 liters of conductive fluid. Transec measurement data - 34 ppm of water in oil at the inlet, 0 ppm after drying. Two representatives of the Streamer distributor in Chile were assembling the equipment. Installation, commissioning and start-up took about 3 hours.

    "The quick installation was due to the fact that the employees of the distributor were perfectly trained and knew well their duties at each stage of the assembly. Instead of the conventional stainless steel pipes, flexible hoses were used to avoid waste of time for pipe bending. A platform for assembly of the Transec equipment representing a concrete blinding 1 m x 1 m with anchors was prepared in advance.the seismic activity in Chile is of no surprise, so the assembly reliability is of primary concern", - Mikhail explained the promptness of the work.

    This Transec installation is our pilot project in Chile. Almost at each presentation of the Streamer products in the places where we have not worked yet, the clients always ask which other companies in their country have already been cooperating with us. Therefore, the fact of the first installation in a new country is always very important because it ensures further development. According to Mikhail Zhitenev, each of such pilot projects involves titanic work of the distributor as well as the commercial and engineering subdivisions of Streamer.

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