Streamer is an expert in professional power supply safety solutions. Our products are featuring cutting edge electrical safety technologies for surge and fault protection, many of them are unique on the global market. To make overhead lines and power distribution grid safe and reliable, we provide following devices.

    Line Lightning Protection Devices with EasyQuench technology

    To protect overhead lines from lightning strikes and surge we use original Streamer EasyQuench technology. It provides fast and safe discharge of lightning strike energy into ambient air, preventing faults of conductors and insulators. Key features:

    • Easy to install system: existing overhead lines can be equipped on short notice.
    • High cost efficiency: relatively cheap device can prevent high damage in result of lightning strike.
    • Simple and reliable design: surge protectors are made to last.

    Streamer LLPD’s are successfully protecting overhead lines in Russia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, UAE, Iran, Vietnam. Over last 20 years we supplied over 1 Million devices all over the world.


    Fault Passage Indicators with remote data transmission

    Streamer provides advanced Fault Passage Indicators for overhead and underground lines designed for fast detection of fault location. FPI key features:

    • Data transmission over cell networks (GPRS or SMS). Indicator will send a message about falut
    • Visual indication on poles. Red flag design helps to find damaged cable section very fast, drastically reducing outage time.
    • Reliable vandal-proof design. Devices are protected from mechanical damage and can’t be easily destroyed by random vandals.

    We have full range of fault indicators with on-pole or on-conductor design. Details…

    TRANSEC: Transformers moisture removal system

    Every oil insulated transformer regardless the climate and usage mode generates moisture. This moisture builds up in paper and deteriorates insulation, resulting in transformer life expectancy reduction. TRANSEC is advanced online filtering system which provides fast and reliable removal of moisture from oil in order to reduce moisture amount in paper. TRANSEC Key features:

    • Online filtering: no need to shut down the transformer to remove moisture from oil.
    • Cost efficiency: it’s the cheapest way existing to keep transformer dry
    • Easy filter replacement. After 6 – 24 month of use filters can be replaced within 30 minutes.