FIPRES - Fire/overheating prevention


Key benefits 


  • FIPRES works earlier than any existing fire system
  • Detects points of overheating before a dangerous situation
  • 24/7 monitoring of equipment
  • Allows to inspect the network, equipment, or quality of repair


  • Easy installation even for existing systems
  • Can be connected to your SCADA system via MODBUS
  • Real-time notification (via SMS) and events log
  • Has a dry contact output for connection to external system


  • Patented material formula
  • Absolutely safe and non-toxic
  • Validity period 10 years


FIPRES is a new and unique technology that allows to find dangerous contacts long before a fire hazard occurs.

In 30% of cases, the cause of a fire is a malfunction associated with the wiring
Faults may be due to:

  • Poor connection
  • Improperly selection of circuit breakers and switches
  • Old wiring
  • Overloads


* due to: overloadings, short-circuits, wear of contact connections or for many other reasons

** due to frequent heating/cooling, the contacts are oxidized, increasing the resistance of the contact connections.  For the same reason, the insulation of the cables is subjected to heat aging, deteriorating their dielectric properties

FIRES works at the earliest stage of the issue. Hence preventing FIRES and damage associated with it


Online presentation 

Technical comparison

Fire prevention system (FIPRES)

main picture.jpg

+ Suitable to all types of wires and contacts
+ Supports IEC 618510 standard
+ Accurately detects a potentially dangerous place

- Couldn't be used on open area

Arc fault detection device (AFDD)


In case of overheating without arc AFDD doesn’t work, but this is possible in many cases: from poor connection to an overload due to an incorrectly selected circuit breaker.  

AFFD could not work properly due to electromagnetic interference or falsely operates due to sparking brushes of electric motors, light switches, etc.

Fire-Protection systems


Modern fire systems can only recognize a fire if there is smoke, bright light, or substantial heat. But, as a rule, these markers mean that the fire has already begun and the damage cannot be avoided.

Technical comparison with thermal imaging control

main picture.jpg

  • Works around the clock
  • Allow to check equipment in locked (explosion-proof) enclosures
  • Checks all spots at the same time
  • Does not depend on the human factor
  • Works only at the time of inspection
  • Doesn’t allow to check equipment in locked (explosion-proof) enclosures
  • The load at the time of inspection should be at least 60% to see weak points
  • Depends on the human factor

Scope of application

FIPRES can be used in:
  • Low/medium voltage electrical panels
  • Switchgear cells
  • Any electrical equipment, including equipment in explosion-proof housings 

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