How EQ works

    STREAMER has developed a relatively simple, but very reliable technology that helps to protect distribution and transmission power lines from overvoltages caused by direct and indirect lighting strikes. This lightning protection system is capable of withstanding both direct and induced lightning impact.

    • When a surge appears on a line, electrical arc establishes between the line and the installed line lightning protection devices
    • The arc then gets inside the so-called EasyQuench system – numerous spherical electrodes inside silicone rubber and divides into a large number of small arcs burning between each pair of metal electrodes
    • In fact, a pair of metal electrodes acts like a tiny discharge chamber, so each arc is blown out into the ambient air
    • Thus, the energy of the arc (and lighting impact) is being dissipated with the help of EasyQuench system, and a line remains in operation without suffering an outage
    Diagram of discharge initiation Diagram of discharge completion

    1. Silicon rubber shape

    2. Intermediate electrodes

    3. Arc quenching chamber

    4. Discharge chamber

    Lightning safety is important part of power grid security. To make overhead power lines immune to direct lightning strikes or induced surge and overvoltage it’s necessary to provide adequate to local weather conditions protection. Lightning safety is Streamer’s primary sphere of expertise, and we have unique solution – affordable and reliable surge arresters with EasyQuench (EQ) technology.

    Streamer LLPD’s are successfully protecting overhead lines in Russia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, UAE, Iran, Vietnam. Over last 20 years we supplied over 1 Million devices all over the world.

    What is EasyQuench (EQ)?

    EasyQuench is developed by Streamer original technology designed to disperse energy of both direct and indirect lightning strikes. Operation principle:

    • When lightning hits the power line, it causes surge.
    • If lightning protection device is in place, an electric arc between the line and this device appears.
    • Arc transfers energy to EasyQuench system, which consists of numerous spherical electrodes inside silicone rubber.
    • One arc divides into numerous small arcs between spherical electrodes. Pair of electrodes acts like a discharge chamber.
    • Energy of separate electric arcs disperse into the air leaving power line and insulation intact.

    And we have the result: energy of lightning strike is discharged without overvoltage on the line, outage and damage to the electric distribution system.

    Key features of Streamer’s EasyQuench lightning arresters

    • No lightning-related outages: power grid works steadily and reliably
    • Easy to install system: existing overhead lines can be equipped on short notice.
    • High cost efficiency: relatively cheap device can prevent high damage in result of lightning strike.
    • Simple and reliable design: surge protectors are made to last.
    • Effective discharge. EasyQuench is an example of brilliant low-tech design for strong protection.

    Streamer’s protection devices featuring EasyQuench

    We provide lightning arresters for residential, commercial and industrial use. There are specialized devices for induced and direct lightning strikes with exclusive features. You can pick model for different voltages and currents.

    Induced surge protection

    Over 80% of lightning-caused power faults are happening because of induced overvoltage. So we created SAi protection devices to address this problem. Design of induced surge protectors can effectively eliminate consequences of indirect lightning impact like burning out of conductors. Key features:

    • No grounding needed: devices are designed to be simply installed on each pole.
    • No outages: SAi effectively disperses energy while electricity keeps running through line.
    • No short circuits after lightning strikes.

    Pay attention to these several solutions:

    Direct lightning strikes protection

    Direct strike is less probable, but much more dangerous event which leads to very significant overvoltage. All parts of overhead line (such as pole itself, conductor or shielding wire) can be target of lightning bolt, receiving vast amounts of uncontrolled raw energy. Especially severe this problem stands for areas of high lightning activity.

    So we designed SAd (Surge Arrester Direct) devices based on EasyQuench technology for effective dispersion of high amounts of energy. These devices can be effectively used in pair with conventional metal oxide arresters. If devices are being placed near electrical substations (less than 3-4 spans) they need proper grounding. Situated away from electrical substation they can be used without grounding.

    We recommend those solutions for power grids of different scale: