Direct lightning strike protection

    There are up to 16 million electrical storms per year on Earth. Direct lightning strikes are extremely dangerous to people, buildings and constructions, as its channel has the immediate contact with an affected object. It may cause considerable mechanical failures and tremendous damages due to conflagrations and explosions.

    According to the statistics, every 30 km of overhead power lines are subjected to a stroke at least once during a thunderstorm season. This factor is of great importance when designing a lightning protection system. The discharged energy can easily lead to an overvoltage that raise the bar of a few MV and currents that are 30 kA in average (though they may reach up to 200 kA). It is believed, that for an average overhead distribution power line 20% of outages are the consequences of direct lightning strikes.

    Potential losses caused by such direct lightning strikes can be avoided by utilization of the lightning protection devices on overhead power lines. It includes the whole package of measures and means, which ensure the security of people, buildings and construction safety. This set protects materials and equipment from the direct strokes, electromagnetic and electrostatic induction.

    Equipment for direct lightning strike protection

    The use of Streamer line lightning protection devices provides you with the comprehensive lightning protection system. Ruling out the possibility of short-circuit faults, these devices are also capable of breaking the high follow current that appears on a line as the result of direct lightning strikes.

    Available equipment:

    Line lightning protection devices against the direct lighting strikes (d-LLPD range comprising SAd-series of devices) ensure safety of the closest poles to a substation. SAd-range is designed to be installed jointly with conventional metal-oxide arresters (MOA) and have the requirement of 10 Ohm footing resistance in order to provide you with the best performance possible.

    SmartInsulator Glass is an innovative combination of an insulator and LLPD. The amount of pieces, that can be stacked in a string likewise traditional line cap-and-pin insulators, depends on the rated voltage of a power line.

    About Streamer products

    On the basis of estimates, the cost of lightning protection system installation is usually 50% less compared to the price of buildings and constructions burnt over five years.

    Streamer offers unique and really essential solutions for every industry field. Our products guarantee the reliable and uninterruptable power supply as well as maintenance cost reduction. Making the purchase, you get the equipment of highest quality that can serve for decades.