Streamer created advanced technologies able to effectively protect electrical infrastructure from direct lightning strikes. We call it d-LLPD (Direct Lightning Protection Device) and those simple devices featuring EasyQuench technology can disperse strike of several megavolts and up to 30 kA.

    Direct lightning strike: risk we should always consider

    There are over 16 million thunderstorms happening on Earth every year, and every 30 km of overhead power lines are being hit at least once per year. About 20% outages connected with thunderstorms are happening in result of direct lightning bolts. With no protection, electric infrastructure takes enormous amount of energy on its parts. Which leads to:

    • Severe power lines damage and consequently outages.
    • High risk of fire and explosions leading to disastrous damage to people, buildings and other objects
    • Huge direct and indirect economic loss connected with repair of line and outage.

    Streamer’s d-LLPD can be considered as cost-efficient and simple insurance from all risks depicted above.

    Cutting edge overvoltage protection equipment

    Designed specifically for direct lightning strike energy management, our devices can effectively disperse energy using EasyQuench technology. Key features:

    • Comprehensive protection from short-circuits and prevention of outages even after direct lightning strike.
    • Protection of insulations and infrastructure elements of overhead line. Device takes hit on itself, keeping other parts on the pole safe.
    • Prevention of high energy surge dispersion over the line. Energy of lightning being absorbed and doesn’t spread.
    • Compatible with conventional metal-oxide arrester. Two technologies combined provide best lightning safety possible.
    • Applicable for the nearest to the electrical substation poles. On these poles device require grounding.
    • Can be used without grounding on distant from electrical substation poles.
    • Simple “one pole – one device” installation. Protection can be implemented on short notice.

    Direct lightning strike arresters are also absolutely effective against indirect surge.

    Available d-LLPD devices