Lightning protection

    Smart Insulator Glass SI-G

    Operating voltageFrom 60 kV to 110 kV
    Protection typeAgainst direct & indirect lightning
    Installation3 products per pole
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    Insulator and Line Lightning Protection Device in one product!

    The SI-G is intended for ensuring protection of:

    • Recloser and Load Break Switches

    • Medium- and Low Voltage Transformer

    • Underground Cables

    • Conductor and Insulator against direct and indirect lightning strikes, installed on Sectionand Termination Poles.

    The SI-G installed in association with Metal-Oxide-Arrester provides the best possible protection for high and medium voltage substations.

    The brand new SmartInsulator is a hybrid product combining properties of a LLPD and an insulator simultaneously. It is the first product in Streamer’s range meant for subtransmission and transmission lines. Each piece is based on a conventional cap-and-pin glass insulator with the unique EasyQuench technology. Depending on the rated voltage of an overhead line, different amount of pieces can be utilized.

    Technical characteristics

    Medium    29

    Performance specifications

    Nominal voltage, kV 66
    Maximum continuous power frequency operating voltage / Rated voltage, kV 72.5
    Quantity of SmartInsulators in a string, pcs 5
    Minimum mechanical breaking load, kN 120
    Radio interference level at 1,1 of maximum operating phase-to-ground voltage, at the most, Db 55
    Power frequency withstand voltage, kV
    Dry 165
    Wet 140
    Overall height, mm 730
    Creepage distance, mm 1825 (365x5)
    External spark gaps, mm 305
    Voltage-time curve of MCIA string lies below voltage-time curve of insulators' string in all range of prestrike times (from tens of μs to tenths of μs), no less than, % 20
    Prospective short-circuit current (rms), kA 5
    Lighting discharge capability, C 2.4
    High current impulse, kA 100
    Weight, kg 33.5 (6.7x5)

    Test Certificates

    Type of Test
    Power frequency withstand test STREAMER
    Follow Current interrupting test STRI, STREAMER
    Environmental test STREAMER
    Vibration test STREAMER
    Ice test STRI
    Functioning Test STREAMER