Streamer is a world-known supplier of line lightning protection devices (LLPDs) with advanced EasyQuench technology. We offer a wide range of devices to protect overhead lines from indirect impact.

    Indirect lightning strike nature and the way to protect lines

    Lightings hit electric infrastructure elements no so often, because normally there is a lot higher objects nearby (trees, buildings, cell towers etc.). But indirect induced lightning overvoltage is much more probable risk. It causes over 80% outages during storms. Here is the mechanics of this process:

    • Lightning hits some object located near the overhead power line.
    • Energy of lightning strike is so energetic that it causes electromagnetic coupling effect, which leads to transference of energy to power line conductors.
    • The nearest to strike section of conductor receives distributed charge with peak voltage level up to 500 kV.
    • When the lightning reaches ground and closes the circuit, it causes surge spreading over power line and leading to damage and outage.

    In order to disrupt this scenario, we recommend to equip every pole with indirect line lightning protection device (i-LLPD). It absorbs lightning energy from conductor using the mechanism of electric arc, breaks this arc apart to a numerous little arcs and disperses energy to ambient air. This is how original EasyQuench technology by Steamer works.

    Key features of induced lightning arresters by Streamer

    The main goal is to protect line from waves of overvoltage spreading freely and causing damage. Getting this job done, i-LLPD by Streamers have many other upsides:

    • Reliable protection form short-circuits. Excess energy is being absorbed by the device immediately, not letting short-circuit to happen.
    • No grounding needed. Unlike conventional lightning arresters, EasyQuench devices does not need grounding and just should be installed on alternate phases.
    • Easy installation. Device can be connected to power line several times faster than it takes to install conventional lightning safety.
    • Simple structure: one pole – one device.
    • Cost efficiency: brilliant low-tech design allowed us to drastically reduce cost of the device keeping its efficiency on the highest on the market level.

    By implementing the protection system, you can minimize direct damage and indirect economical losses from lightning strikes. Compared with cost of lightning protection those losses could be much higher.

    Available i-LLPD devices

    Note, that all devices can be installed with metal oxide arrester to provide even higher protection level.