Lightning protection


    Maximum operating voltageUp to 24 kV
    Protection typeAgainst indirect lightning
    Installation1 product per pole
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    SAi20z.4W is intended for overhead line protection up to (Un) 24kVAC against induced lightning overvoltages and their deleterious consequences. Installation of SAi20z.4W will help protecting line against conductor breakage, insulator breakage, outages, switchgear trips.

    SAi20z.4W has been designed for networks/poles with high prospective follow current up to 4.5kA.

    Operation principle is based on energy dissipation of impulse and power arc caused by lightning overvoltage which appears on an overhead line in case of direct or indirect lightning impact.

    Operational Principle

    The Operational Principle is based on the EasyQuench Technology.

    Using the resistance of the ground between two poles, only one device needs to be installed per Pole.

    LLPD does not require any additionnal earthing when installed in steel or concrete poles. Device can be mounted easily and quickly on any type of pole with any type of insulation.

    Medium sai20z 4w small

    Technical characteristics

    Medium sai20z

    Performance specification and characteristics

    SAi20z and the line
    Highest voltage for equipment up to 24 kV for:
    • 3W systems with insulated, compensated neutral.
    up to 21 kV for:
    • 3W and 4W systems with solidly grounded neutral;
    • Lines with overhead shielding/ground wire.
    Maximum prospective fault current*, kA 1.5
    Rated frequency, Hz 50 (±12)
    Power frequency withstand voltage (for minimal 140 mm air gap), kV
    SAi20z and lightning
    High current impulse (4/10 μs), kA 65
    Lightning discharge capability** (200 μs), C 2.4
    Maximum fault quenching lightning current (8/50 μs), kA 3
    Minimum withstand amount of operations 10
    Additional power losses on the line, % 0
    Weight, kg 1.0
    Average life time expectancy, years 20 to 30
    UV resistance***, h 1000
    Time to install/pole, min. 10 to 20
    Maintenance 1 visual verification per year
    Additional Equipment cross-arm fitting and conductor clamp (glass indicator as an option)

    * Maximum calculated short-circuit current in LLPD’s location;

    ** According to IEC 60099-8;

    ** According to ISO 4892-2, method A, IEC 62217.

    Performance specifications

    Maximum system operating voltage (MSOV), kV 24
    Maximum prospective follow current, kA 5.0
    Breaking follow current*, kA 3.5
    External air gap, mm 70±10
    50% flashover voltage**, kV 140
    Minimum withstand power frequency voltage**, kV
    Dry 40
    Wet 30
    Lightning discharge capability (200 μs)***, C 2.4
    High current impulse (4/10 μs), kA 65
    UV resistance****, h 1000
    Weight, kg 2.5

    * Maximum follow current which the device is capable of quenching at a phase-phase fault on adjacent poles at maximum operating voltage 24kV

    ** According to IEC 60099-8

    *** @ external spark gap specificed in present table

    Test Certificates

    Type of Test
    Standard Lightning Impulse Sparkover Test STREAMER
    Follow Current interrupting test STREAMER
    Vibration Test STREAMER
    Functioning Test STREAMER